September 2014

In addition to a good price/quality ratio, every APOK customer also wants “convenience” and “comfort”. This goes from service and training to personal technical support for large and small building sites. In addition to these APOK advantages, you also get ready accessibility with us!


APOK Antwerpen Noorderlaan is the 27th APOK branch, and the 4th branch in the province of Antwerp.


March 2014

More than ever before, APOK understands that investing in quality, service and training is vital for giving the necessary support to our customers at all times, for their small and large-scale projects. This is why APOK is extremely proud to announce the opening of its 26th branch, APOK Waver.


October 2013

APOK opens its 25th branch in Sint-Niklaas, located on the E17, easily accessible and of course with the same service and professional knowledge that APOK has been providing for many years.