I.R.S-Btech to become VM Building Solutions

04/2018 - As of April 2018, our EPDM, roof & facade range will be available to the Belgian market under the brand name of VM Building Solutions. In practice this means the I.R.S-Btech logo will be replaced by the VMBS logo. After the acquisition of VMZINC by Fedrus International at the end of 2017, we have decided to handle the distribution of our EPDM range, our zinc range and all related products under the brand name VM Building Solutions.


In order to unify and optimise our communications and logistics, we therefore now want to operate under one single name: VM Building Solutions.


VM Building Solutions provides building solutions for roofing and façade professionals.

VM Building Solutions is a European supplier of EPDM waterproofing membranes that promotes and markets EPDM and other roofing materials to construction and roofing materials dealers in Western Europe. It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of zinc applications for the building industry.


APOK expands with MCP Defrancq in France

Following on from the continued expansion of Fedrus International, we are proud to announce that APOK has taken over French firm MCP Defrancq. The company is a network with 12 branches in France specialising in roofing & façade materials. It generates turnover of €40 million and employs 116 people.
The acquisition of MCP Defrancq in France is the next step in the development of a French network of one-stop shop branches with a focus on roofing & façade materials.


APOK is part of Fedrus International, an independent Belgian group, active in the distribution and production of roofing and façade materials for the European market. Fedrus International has two operational business units.
The first, I.R.S-Btech, promotes and distributes EPDM and other roofing materials in Western Europe to dealers of construction and roofing materials. The second, APOK, distributes roofing and façade materials to professional roofers and contractors.



VMZINC is now part of the Fedrus International group.

The company is the number-one manufacturer and supplier of zinc applications for the construction industry in Europe, North America, Australia and a number of Asian countries. VMZINC is present in 22 countries, has seven production sites and employs 950 people.