Fedrus International is an independent Belgian group, active in the distribution of roofing and façade materials. It specialises in EPDM rubber and roof sealing systems for the European market.


Fedrus International has two operational business units. The first, I.R.S-BTECH, promotes and distributes EPDM and other roofing materials in Western Europe to dealers of construction and roofing materials. The second, APOK, distributes roofing and façade materials to professional roofers and contractors via its 30 distribution centres spread across Belgium.


Close relations are essential for I.R.S-BTECH and APOK. Client proximity, an excellent service and reliable technical support are key factors. Attention continuous to be focused on quality and constant innovation. Both companies are known for their valuable experience and knowhow.


The group generates a turnover of approximately 200 million euros and employs over 350 people. Fedrus International spares no effort to achieve further growth and international expansion. In this regard the group has ambitious plans for further growth in Western Europe.