Fedrus International is an independent Belgian group, active in the distribution of roof and façade materials for the European market. The group consists of five operational business units: APOK, I.R.S-Btech, Laude, VM Building Solutions and, new to the group, MCP Defrancq.


I.R.S-Btech promotes and distributes EPDM and other roof materials to the construction and roof materials dealer in West Europe. Additionally, APOK distributes roof and façade materials to the professional roofer and contractor. Both business units together realize a revenue of around € 200m and provide employment to over 350 employees in Belgium.


Laude is a distributor from southern France with 6 branches, 111 employees, which generates a revenue of over € 40m in products for roofs and façades. VM Building Solutions, distributor of VMZINC, is the leading manufacturer and supplier of zinc applications for the construction industry in Europe, North America, Australia and in a number of Asian countries and is present in 22 countries, possesses 7 production sites and employs 950 people. MCP Defrancq is a network of 12 branches in France, specialized in roofs and façades. The group produces a revenue of €40m and employes 148 employees.  


Fedrus International realizes a total revenue of about € 650m and provides employment to over 1550 employees. Fedrus International fully commits to further growth and international expansion and has ambitious growth plans in West Europe to this end.